Thursday, December 6, 2007

What's An Ebook?!!

An Ebook is super easy and convenient to use!

Some materials are great to have in digital form--like language learning CDs and up-to-the-second how-to technology books.

Learn Arabic, Chinese, French, Hindi, and more! Solve that pesky computer problem using library resources. Fix that iPod problem the moment it happens. And more!

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donna said...

wow. i hope this new technology doesn't make libraries obsolete! :0)

did you know that ebooks work on devices other than ipods too? here's a list for all of us non-apple users out there...

bibliophilomena said...

Thanks--but the iPod is only mentioned as a technology you can learn how to use through an Ebook.

Anonymous said...

now i never have to go to the library again!!! lol

Freddy Fingers said...

I like Ebooks because they do not give me papercuts. :)