Thursday, April 24, 2008

Falcon Fever--All Things Precious and Predatory

This is such a cool time in San Jose. Carlos and Clara are busy raising their just-hatched chicks and there are many ways you can choose to observe them in their family life! Let us know what you see by posing a comment to this blog.

You can click on the Nest Cam or you can view the birds through the scopes when you visit the main library downtown (it will be on the eighth floor--ask any staff member for help if you have trouble finding it). The chicks are beginning to be quite active and they are very fluffy.

These are peregrine falcons, and they used to be endangered. Fortunately the outlook for the species has improved so much they have been taken off the endangered list.

For more interesting resources on the web, please check out these sites:
Cornell Lab of Ornithology

PA Falcon Cam

Defenders of Wildlife

Peregrine Fund

Santa Cruz Predatory Bird Research Group (this is our own local group that monitors San Jose falcons)

Rochester Falconcam (this is an especially good site for educators and parents who are looking for fun activities). The people here were also kind enough to share their images with our blog--thank you! This particular photo was taken by Gary Chadwick, one of their local falcon watchers.

In the Library

We have some great databases for you to use to find out even more information for your personal interest or for a report.

Some related library materials you might be interested in (and I am including fiction and film) include:

Click on any of the above links to find them in our catalog or browse your own terms here. There are many, many more items available.

And don't forget, as you get interested in other topics, we can support your learning in those areas too--whether you want to find out more about endangered species, other birds of prey like owls, conservation efforts, or anything else at all. Ask us a question!

Remember--the nest may only be active for three more weeks or so--so start your observing and learning of this incredible bird of prey today!

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