Friday, January 18, 2008

Civic Duty Fatigue? Tired of Hearing About the Candidates on the News But Still Not Ready for 5 February?

Not to worry! Your librarian has gathered together a number of valuable resources.

Grab a friend or family member and review these information sources together.

First things first.

Are you registered to vote? If you haven't yet--it is not too late. Click here to download the Voter Registration form in Spanish or English and make sure you get it postmarked by 22 January.

Newspaper coverage. Click here for the special election section of the Mercury News, here for special election section of the New York Times, and here for the special election section of the San Francisco Chronicle. These sites are rich with information: covering everything from breaking campaign news, the latest poll results, and results of debates to lists of upcoming primaries and photos of poll places. The Mercury News also includes their own Editorial Recommendations.

For those of you who live in Santa Clara County, the link to our local Registrar of Voters with information about local measures can be found here.

Click here for a personalized list of your nearest polling locations.

Maybe you want to combine your patriotism and respect for our political process with the opportunity to earn a little extra money? Follow this link to earn between $100-$150 when you serve as an election officer.

Do you have the time to read a book written by one of the presidential candidates? The following are just a few of the books we have available at San Jose Public Library--just click on the candidate's name to get linked to something s/he authored.


Have more questions or suggestions? Call or come in to the library or log into Ask A Librarian from our homepage and we will be happy to help you.

And don't forget! 30 January 2007 at 7pm we will be having a Pros and Cons of the Propositions program at our library. At the program, you will be referred this great site: SmartVoter.

I'll see you then! Remember--Election Day is less than three weeks away....

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