Friday, February 8, 2008

A Valentine from Educational Park: We Love You

Valentine's Day is in less than one week! But don't panic--your library is here as always to help you have the most successful day ever.

Need some ideas to help you show your love?

Come into the library and get inspired. We have romantic films, documentaries about the history of the holiday, books about the roots of Valentine's day, cookbooks to help you plan a romantic meal, travel books for that vaction you've been meaning to take with your significant other, books on wine and champagne for your intimate celebration, crafty books to help you make a special personal little something, and smart, motivated staff ready to help you with whatever you need to celebrate the holiday.

Also, investigate these interesting suggestions for the Chronicle and the Mercury News.

Nursing a broken heart? If you need an antidote to Valentine's Day--check out on of the many library Anti-Valentine's Day events--ours is on Monday.

And also on Monday is our never-before-done, stay-open-late event: A Movie, A Meal, & Meanings. Join us and get your week of love started off right!


Anonymous said...

Happy Valentine's Day EK!

Excellent suggestions and links for ways to recognize loved ones on this day!

Jose Quintero said...

YUMMY, chocolates!

Anonymous said...

There are some very good ideas for things to do on valentine's day.Thank you for the suggestions.