Thursday, January 3, 2008

Silicon Valley Reads: Let's Get Started!

Official Selection: The Distant Land Of My Father

We invite everyone to participate in reading, discussing, and exploring this book. If you start today, you have 40 days to complete the book in time for our very special evening supporting the book. There will be free food, a free screening of an excellent film, discussion of the work, and prizes. That means you will complete the book by 11 February(the day of our program) if you read only 10 pages a day! Set a good example for your children or for your parents. Read with your friends, coworkers, family--read in the coffee shop, while you spare the air and take public transportation, while you wait for appointments, before you go to sleep, just as you awake, when you want to unwind. Have fun!


donna said...

ain't no party like and EK!

WOW. this book is REALLY popular! all the copies are checked out.

having a support party is a great idea. i've always wanted to be in the library when it wasn't open. i'm really excited about this. see ya'll then!

selena said...

I just place a hold on one of the very few copies left. ^_^

Carmen, Helen, Anna, Kathy said...

Wow, this book seems interesting. We think we'll give it a try.